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a spoonful of sun and tomato

0,75 L of fingerlicking tomatopoetry

What is ceci est passata all about? It's about flavours that make you blush. About wildfarming & permaculture from a sustainable terroir. It's Belgian, familial and artisanal. It's about making our foodsystem more sustainable. Find out more in our about section.

☺ 0,75 L
of sophisticated simplicity, with flavours that make you blush like summer in winter. Mange des tomates, mon amour.

rest of passata tomato sauce on a plate

Can't wait to taste our tomatosonata? 

Available at the Dierendonck ateliers, the rendez-vous botanique humus x hortense, the ferment lab Fermenthings and in our webshop. 

logo ceci est passata
Fingerlicking tomato sauce passata
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