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a spoonful of sun and tomato

☺ buy your bottle

We produce every tomatoseason a batch. As long as we're not sold out you can find our passata at the Dierendonck ateliers, the rendez-vous botanique humus x hortense, the ferment lab Fermenthings and in our webshop.  

☺ terroir

Tomatoes from old varieties cultivated through wildfarming & permaculture from a sustainable terroir. Ceci est one kg of slow life tomatoes, some olive oil, salt & basil. All possible through inspirational farms like Le Monde des Mille Couleurs and Ferme de Gentissart

tomato farmer from our passata tomato sauce
wild tomato farmer Dries Delanote in his unheated greenhouse

☺ Belgique

Our passata is local, familial and artisanal. It's the first belgian passata co-created through a short shain with local farmers/processors. Once the tomato harvest is over, we wait traditionally for the next tomato season. 

workshop how to make passata tomato sauce with entre nous

☺ eatmosphere

Another project from eatmosphere to challenge our food system. The processing is minimal, we pay everybody a fair price for decent work, we only choose sun and soilgrown tomatoes and we partnered up with cargo velo for delivery in the cities, So that you, nature and planet are in balance. 


☺ Be aware

Eating this passata will seriously improve your tastebuds!

And don't forget, buying our passata finances our projects with kids and youngsters. The food quiz for schools and the food cultures project 

Kids helping on an organic farm

☺ taste

We use charismatic seasonal tomatoes like you never tasted before. Then we artisanally processed without adding additives at Sowepo. Tested and highly approved by masterchefs like Nicolas Decloedt and Willem Hiele. Order your box of sunblessed tomatosonato in our shop now.  

bottles of ceci est passata, our tomato sauce
tomato plants for our passata tomato sauce
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