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a spoonful of sun and tomato


Mange des tomates mon amour

Roger: "I can never buy another Passata in the supermarket anymore since I tasted this Passata, you can't even start comparing it"

Katleen: "I bought 6 liters and already a week later all was gone, so delicious"

Willem Hiele: "The passata was delicious"

Nicolas Decloedt: "You will find out that Belgian tomatoes can be damn good as well"

Hendrik Dierendonck:  "What a great story! I definitely want to support this project, because it couldn't fit better within the philosophy I also support: an honest, pure and short-chain product"

Grégory: "It's the best in the world!

Best belgium bi passata in the world
Willem Hiele finds our passata tomato sauce delicious
Customer Kathleen loves our passata tomato sauce
Nicolas Decloedt says belgium tomatoes can create an ultradelicious passata tomato sauce
Hendrik Dierendonck loves our project from belgian tomatoes to belgian bio passata
farmer event ceci est passata
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